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TORQ CL1208 Mini HV Coreless Servo

Available for pre-order

TORQ CL1208 Mini Servo - Power, Performance & Pure Domination.

Optimized for second to none power & performance, TORQ brings forth the CL1208 servo that is ready & able to push the boundaries of the mini servo world.

Designed specifically for high torque / high speed demands of helicopter, airplane & jet based aircraft, the CL1208 utilizes coreless motor technology to obtain maximum levels of high torque output, equating the TORQ CL1208 as one of the most powerful mini servos on the market today.

With a crushing torque rating of coalesced with a transit speed of 0.07 seconds, the TORQ CL1208 mini servo is ready to exceed the boundaries of your next flight, with next level precision and resolution that can be felt at the sticks. Ready & waiting for high voltage applications, the CL1208 operates within a wide voltage range, operating at peak torque & speed with 8.4V of power.

Constructed with fully replaceable high strength steel gears, the TORQ CL1208 utilizes a thermal dissipating 6061 finned aluminum case that is further aided in cooling via an exposed motor design. Optimized for extreme aircraft applications that demand incessant torque and power, the CL1208 provides ultra crisp control, with in flight tactile feel that can be seen and felt.

Step up to the TORQ CL0508 Mini Servo - pure performance & control for epic levels of servo domination.


- Engineered for High Performance Aircraft Extremes
- Specifically Designed for Helicopter, Airplane or Jet Based Applications
- Massive Levels of Torque & Speed
- Ultra Precise, High Resolution Precision
- Coreless Motor Design for Optimized High Torque Output
- Fully Replaceable Steel Gear Train for Maximum Strength
- Excellent Thermal Dissipation via 6061 Aircraft Aluminum Case
- 8.4V High Voltage Ready
- Dual Ball Bearing Design

Torque: / 187.47 oz. in @ 8.4V / 166.64 oz. in. @ 7.4V / 136.09 oz. in. @ 6.0V

Transit Speed:

0.07 sec. @ 8.4V
0.08 sec. @ 7.4V
0.10 sec. @ 6.0V


Motor Type: Coreless Motor
Servo Arm Type: Futaba
Weight: 40g
Operating Voltage: 6.0V - 8.4V DC
Working Pulse Width / Frequency: 1520us / 333Hz
Dimensions: 35.5mm x 15mm x 32.5mm (LxWxH)

Usage Note:

Servo Grommet is suggested use if you use our servo on Nitro Heli.