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TORQ BLS0705M Mini HV Brushless Cyclic/Rudder Servo

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This servo is basically a Mini Rudder Servo that can handle up to 700-800 Heli size, but if you have FBL that can use with 760us cyclic servo, you can also use this servo as cyclic servo for 550-600 size.

- Brushless Motor Technology for the Ultimate Power & Control
- Incredible Levels of Speed & Performance
- Ultra Precise, High Resolution Control
- Fully Replaceable Steel Gear Train for Maximum Strength
- Excellent Thermal Dissipation via Finned 6061 Aluminum Case
- 8.4V High Voltage Ready
- Optimized for Heli
- Dual Ball Bearing Construction

0.05 sec / 60° @ 8.4V
0.06 sec / 60° @ 7.4V
0.07 sec / 60° @ 6.0V

Torque: / 208.31 oz in. @ 8.4V / 180.53 oz in. @ 7.4V / 138.87 oz. in. @ 6.0V

Motor Type: Brushless
Servo Arm Type: Futaba
Working Frequency: 760us / 560Hz
Weight: 45g
Dimensions: 35.5mm x 15mm x 35.5mm (LxWxH)
Voltage Range: 6.0V - 8.4V

Usage Note:

Servo Grommet is suggested use if you use our servo on Nitro Heli.