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KingTech K-30G4+

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• King Tech G4 utilizes S-Bus data transmission.

• Engine/ECU integration, all operating parameters including total run time are all recorded into the engine.

• The smaller and lighter external Data Relay Module (DRM) is responsible for all data, signal and power transmission.

• Pump: digital S-bus brushless pump

• A micro-USB connector is present for a future connectivity of wireless mobile apps.

• The G4 features a brushless starter motor for reliability and durability, built-in FOD screen is also integrated.

• After a run cycle and receiver switched off, GSU will remain on only until cool down completes.



Diameter: 62.9mm

Length: 160mm

Weight: 450g (Include internal valve, mount, Digital control system, FOD Screen)

Max. RPM: 235000 Thrust: 3kg+ @ 15° CEGT: 720 °C Max Fuel consumption: 120 g/min Fuel: Kerosene

Lubrication: 5%

Maintenance cycle: 25 hr.



• Engine

• Data Relay Module (DRM)

• Ground Support Unit (GSU)

• Wire Harness and Tubing Set

• Fuel Pump, Filter and Shout-off Valve

• Fuel Inlet Attachments

• Instruction Manual