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HSDJETS 2000mm HSDJETS-182 Red Colors PNP with EC5 Battery Connector

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HSDJETS 2000mm HSDJETS-182 Red Colors PNP with EC5 Battery Connector


Wingspan 2000 mm (78.7 in)
Length 1586 mm (62.4 in)
Flying Weight 5kg (11 lb)(with 22.2v 5200mAh 45C battery)
Cruising speed 80~90 km/h
Flying time 8~10 mins
Wing area 56.1 dm2
Wing load 89.1 g/dm2
Main material 35 times EPO
Painting surface Matte environmental water-borne paint + decal
Suitable experience level □Zero basis ■Beginner □Intermediate □Advanced
PNP Assembly difficulty ■☆10mins □★☆30mins □★★60mins
Suitable for ambient temperature 0℃~40℃
Radio System 6 channel (required & not included)
Control System MFC-2065
Motor 5055-KV500
ESC Hobbywing 80A
Propeller 14.5×7 Trefoil oar

7.4V 25g×4 Metal gear with 80mm lead (L/R Flaps & L/R ailerons forward)
7.4V 25g×2 Metal gear with 190mm lead (Elevator×1 & Rudder×1 forward)

Recommended Power Battery 22.2V,5000~6000 mAh,45C Li-Po with AS150 type plug(required & not included)
Recommended Receiver Battery 7.4V,2000~3000 mAh,Li-Po with XT60 type plug(required & not included)
Ailerons Yes
Flaps Yes
Elevator(Horizontal tail) Yes
Rudder(Vertical tail) Yes
LED lights system Yes
Electromagnetic brake system Selective configuration (not included)
Reinforced gyro Selective configuration (not included)
Pontoon Selective configuration (not included)
Packaging / Size Packing Box + Outer Box(Card mark)/55.71×14.76×14.57 in
CG (Center of Gravity) 96mm from the leading edge of the Main Wing
Landing Gears Front three-point all-metal fixed landing gear×3
Battery Charger LiPo battery charger (required & not included)


  • Fuselage×1 pcs
  • Left main wing×1 pcs
  • Right main wing×1 pcs
  • Probeller×1 pcs
  • Vertical tail×1 pcs
  • Landing gear×1 pcs
  • Left Horizontal tail ×1 pcs
  • Right Horizontal tail×1 pcs
  • L/R wing diagonal tube×1 pcs
  • 1# Main wing bolt rod L=625mm external diameter 16mm×1 pcs
  • 2# Main wing bolt rod L=420mm external diameter 10mm×1 pcs
  • Horizontal Stabilizer bolt rod L=500mm external diameter 6mm×1 pcs
  • Vertical tail diversion stabilizer×1 pcs
  • Accessories Bag 1 ×1 pcs
    • Screw (HA3×10mm)×4 pcs (Nose landing gear)
    • Screw (PM3×15mm)×8 pcs (Rear landing gear)
    • Screw (PM3×10mm)×1 pcs (Fairing)
    • Screw (HM3×10mm)×4 pcs (Paddle clamp)
    • Screw (PA3×18mm)×4 pcs (Wing brace)
    • Diagonal brace bolt and safety×2 pcs (Wing brace)
  • Accessories Bag 2 ×1 pcs
    • 100mm signal line(JR male+JR male) ×4 pcs
  • Manual×1 pcs

  • 6 channel radio system(radio & receiver) (required & not included)
  • 22.2V,5000~6000 mAh,45C Li-Po with AS150 type plug (required & not included)
  • 7.4V,2000~3000 mAh,Li-Po with XT60 type plug (required & not included)
  • LiPo battery charger (required & not included)