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HSDJETS Super Viper Foam Turbine KIT

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1500mm (59.1in)

1663mm (65.5in)

3.5kg (7.7 lb)

Turbine Engine
SW60 6KG brushed / SW60B 6KG brushless (required & not included)

Cruising speed
250 km/h (For reference only)

Flying time
5 mins (full throttle) (For reference only)

Wing area
34.28 dm2

Wing load
189.6 g/dm2 (For reference only)

Main material
20 times EPO

Painting surface
matte paint

Suitable experience level
□Zero basis □Beginner □Intermediate ■Advanced

KIT Assembly difficulty
□☆10mins □★☆30mins ■★★60mins(For reference only)

Suitable for ambient temperature

Radio System
8 channel (required & not included)

Control System
MFC-2085 (required & not included)

Servos(required & not included)

25g×2 Metal gear with 480mm lead (left & right ailerons forward) 25g×3 Metal gear with 190mm lead (Flap×2 & rudder×1 forward) 25g×2 Metal gear with 80mm lead (elevator forward) 12g×1 Metal gear with 300mm lead (Nose wheel steering forward) 12g×1 Metal gear (360°lock Hatch cover forward)

Recommended Battery
2S,7.4V,1800~2000mAh×2,LiPo with T type plug(required & not included)



Elevator(Horizontal tail)

Rudder(Vertical tail)

The smoke system
Selective configuration (not included)

LED lights system
Selective configuration (not included)

Electromagnetic brake system
Selective configuration (not included)

Reinforced gyro
Selective configuration (not included)

Packaging / Size
Packing Box + Outer Box(Card mark)/132.5×46×39.5(cm)

CG (Center of Gravity)
170mm from the leading edge of the Main Wing

Landing Gears
Metal electric retractable hydraulic landing gear×3(required & not included)

Battery Charger
LiPo battery charger (required & not included)


Left Wing×1
Right Wing×1
Left Horizontal Stabilizer×1
Right Horizontal Stabilizer×1
Vertical Stabilizer×1
Cockpit canopy×1
Main wing carbon tube L=598mm external diameter 16mm×1
Horizontal Stabilizer carbon tube L=500mm external diameter 6mm×1
Capping board×1
Accessories Bag 1 ×1

Pull rod (1.8×91mm)×2(Put the ball head and the ball head, the aileron steel wire)
Pull rod (1.8×80mm)×2(Put the ball head and the ball head, the flap steel wire)
Pull rod (1.8×65mm)×2(Put the ball head and the ball head, the Horizontal Stabilizer/Vertical Stabilizer steel wire)
Pull rod (1.8×31mm)×1(Load the ball head, the front landing gear and the steel wire)
Pull rod (1.8×12mm)×1(Load the ball head, the nose landing gear and the steel wire)
Screw (PA4×30mm)×8 (Landing gear)
Screw (PWA2×8mm)×2 (Nose plate servo fixed)
Screw (PB2.5×8mm)×8 (Fixed wing line)
Screw (PM2×10mm)×14 (Lock the self locking nut and fix the head of the rod)
Left lamp cover×1
Right lamp cover×1

Accessories Bag 2 ×1

Tinfoil (50×360mm)×5
Nylon cable ties×5
Magic tape cable ties×1
Nylon cockpit buckle×1
Metal clasp of engine cover×1

Accessories Bag 3 ×1

Screw (HM3×35mm)×4 (Nose)
Screw (HM3×14mm)×2 (Wing)
Screw (HM3×10mm)×2 (Wing)
Screw (HA3×14mm)×4 (Engine)
Screw (HA3×10mm)×4 (Tail nozzle)
Screw (HA3×8mm)×8 (Horizontal Stabilizer/Vertical Stabilizer)

Accessories Bag 4 ×1

L type 3mm inner six corner board hand×1
Screw (HM3×35mm)×4 (Nose Spare)
Screw (HM3×14mm)×2 (Wing Spare)
Screw (HM3×10mm)×2 (Wing Spare)
Screw (HA3×14mm)×4 (Engine Spare)
Screw (HA3×10mm)×4 (Tail nozzle Spare)
Screw (HA3×8mm)×8 (Horizontal Stabilizer/Vertical Stabilizer Spare)
3M double-sided adhesive×1



SW60B 6KG brushless Turbine Engine (required & not included)
8 channel radio system (radio & receiver)(required & not included)
2S,7.4V,1800~2000mAh×2,LiPo with T type plug (required & not included)
LiPo battery charger (required & not included)
Landing gear (required & not included)
MFC-2085 Control System(required & not included)
Servos (required & not included)
General landing gear control system (not included)
All wire (not included)
Tail nozzle